Our Story

Welcome to our website! We're so glad you found us and thank you for shopping! 

My name is Leslie and I'm the founder and creator of Elle & Beck. I'm married and have two wonderful children, Ella and Beckett. For over 20 years, I was a corporate executive for several leading women's apparel retailers, specifically managing e-commerce. 

I loved my work, but I did not love the crazy work hours and time away from my family. I also became aware of how wasteful the apparel industry is and how discarded clothing becomes a major source of greenhouse gases. I decided that I needed to do something different...and make a difference!

I've always loved clothes, including my children's clothes. I've held onto them and taken really good care of them, wanting them to find a new home. So when I started thinking about what to do next, starting a consignment boutique made perfect sense. The world already has enough new clothes. We just need to extend the life of them!

Elle & Beck offers a place for busy women and parents to pass on their treasures to other women and families who will love them. It also offers a place where they can find not only their favorite brands at great prices, but also brands they might aspire to purchase at more affordable prices. We strive to offer the highest quality merchandise at a great value and at the same time, we hope to make everyone feel good about contributing to a more circular fashion economy. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any time at leslie@elleandbeck.com. Thanks again for visiting our site!

**Special thanks to all of our consignors who help to make our site possible! I am so grateful!