Consign With Us

At the present time, we are accepting items from local consignors (within approximately 7 miles of Westfield, New Jersey). If you live outside of this area and would like to consign, please email us at as we may make exceptions.

Why Consign with Us?


Cleaning out our closets is not always fun. It can even be looked upon as a dreaded chore! However, the end result of “less clutter” and a more streamlined wardrobe is completely worth it!   


We’ll pick up your past treasures and take care of everything for you! We’ll prep, photograph, price, write copy for and display your items on our website where they will reach a wide audience. We will also ship directly to and manage all correspondence with the customer.


You’ll earn a 40% - 50% payout, depending on the sales price.  


In consigning your items, you are contributing to the circular fashion economy which helps lessen the amount of clothing going to landfills and lower the use of non-renewable resources.


We are partnering with a charitable organization that works to provide clothing and household items to families in need.


After many years in the fashion apparel industry, we understand every aspect of garment construction and quality. We have high standards for the merchandise we accept as we believe in providing quality product to the customer and in showcasing and curating your past favorite items as if in a boutique. We want our customers to love your items as much as you did!

Acceptance Guidelines

Preferred Brands/Designers

Please see our list of preferred contemporary to high-end brands/designers. This list is a guide, so if you have a premium brand that is not on this list and you think it would fit in with these brands, please email us at

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept all merchandise we receive from consignors. We may already have too many similar items, we may feel that our customers will not purchase certain items, or we may decide that the resale value for a brand or item is too low. 

We do not accept off-price/discount brands, such as brands from Target, Kohls, Walmart, etc.


  • New or gently used women’s (including maternity) clothing sizes: XXS - XXL, 00 - 16
  • If you have Plus sizes, please email us, as we hope to accept these soon
  • New or gently used children’s clothing sizes: baby 0 – 24M, toddler 2T – 5T, big kid 6Y – 10Y, tween/teen 12 – 16, XS - XXL
  • New or gently used teen clothing, junior sizes 00 - 21, XXS - XXL
  • Must be freshly laundered or dry cleaned
  • Must be free of stains, holes, rips, marks, pilling, lint, odors, deoderant, wear, pet hair, fading, damages
  • Buttons, zippers, snaps must be intact
  • Brand and size tag must be intact. If not, please include a note with the brand and size.
  • We do not accept second-hand undergarments, slippers, socks or tights.  We only accept these if they are new with tags.
  • We do not accept clothing with local sports, school, personal or vacation spot logos
  • We do not accept long gowns

Shoes, Handbags, Accessories

  • New or gently used; only light wear will be accepted
  • Women’s shoe sizes 4 - 12
  • Children’s shoe sizes: baby 0 - 5-½, kids 6 - 13-½, youth 1 - 7
  • Must be clean and free of dirt, debris, scuff marks, nicks, stains, holes, rips, tarnish, odors, wear, damages
  • Velcro, zippers, laces, hardware must be intact
  • We do not accept shoes or accessories for specific sports (i.e. soccer cleats, goalie gloves)
  • We do accept quality jewelry, hair accessories, hats, scarves, gloves, backpacks, belts, sunglasses

All Items

  • Must be completely authentic; no imitations
  • Must be laundered or dry cleaned and stain-free to be accepted. Only in certain cases, if we feel that we can sell an item that needs cleaning and time allows, we will consult with you and have it dry cleaned or washed. We will deduct the cost of dry cleaning or $10 for laundry from your payout.
  • Preferably bought within the past 3 years; can be older if timeless and in great condition
  • Spring/summer selling season is February through July; fall/winter selling season is August through February
  • It is preferable to receive items for the current season. However, we will hold items for the next season if needed, with the understanding that they will not go online until that season begins.

Sales Process and Payout

  • Once we receive your items, they will be inspected. Once accepted they will be prepped, photographed and uploaded onto our website.
  • With many years of online apparel experience, we set prices based on our expertise, analysis of competitive pricing, the condition and age of your items and the desirability of the style, brand and size. Based on these factors, your items could be offered at anywhere from 25-80% off the original price. Our pricing goals are aligned with yours and we strive to maintain the highest price, while also enticing the customer to purchase your items.
  • We write descriptive copy and list product details for each item
  • During periods of high volume, it may take up to 3 weeks to prepare and list your items online. We strive to post your items as soon as possible.
  • Once your item sells, you will receive a commission of 40-50% of the net sales price. If the net sales price is less than $200, there will be a 40% payout. If over $200, there will be a 50% payout. Payments will occur monthly and at least 25-30 days after the transaction, to allow for returns. Payment method is TBD (although right now, it will be either Venmo or check).
  • We work on a 30, 60 and 90 day markdown cadence. If an item does not sell after 30 days, it may be marked down up to 20%. After 60 days, it may be marked down up to 50%. If the item does not sell after 90 days, it may be marked down further, held until the next season, returned to you or donated to charity.
  • Elle & Beck will offer promotions and sales as needed to manage the business, without prior approval from the consignor.

Consignment Request

  • Please email requesting a consignment pickup. Please include your name, address, cell phone # and approximate number of bags. We will conact you regarding a pickup time. Please sign and include the last page of this agreement, write your name on the bags and leave them at your doorstep.
  • We will pick up consigned items from your doorstep if you live within approximately 10 miles of Westfield, NJ. We hope to open this up to all online customers in the future.

Return or Donation

  • Upon consigning with us, please advise if you would like any items returned if they don’t meet our requirements, or if we don’t think we can sell them. There will be a $5 fee to return these items to your doorstep.
  • Upon consigning with us, please also advise if you would like any item returned that does not sell after 90 days. At this point, there will be a $10 fee to return items to your doorstep.
  • If you do not want items returned, we will donate them to charity. Please advise if you would like a receipt. If however, you have submitted more than 10 items that have not met our requirements, we will be unable to provide a receipt.


Please download, sign and mail this agreement to begin the consignment process. 

Consign with Us Agreement, Downloadable PDF

Acceptance Guidelines

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Sales Process and Payout

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