Sales Process and Payout

Sales Process and Payout

  • Once we receive your items, they will be inspected. Once accepted they will be prepped, photographed and uploaded onto our website.
  • With many years of online apparel experience, we set prices based on our expertise, analysis of competitive pricing, the condition and age of your items and the desirability of the style, brand and size. Based on these factors, your items could be offered at anywhere from 25-80% off the original price. 
  • We write descriptive copy and list product details for each item. We also describe the condition of the item.
  • During periods of high volume, it may take up to 4 weeks to prepare and start to list your items online. We strive to post your items as soon as possible.
  • Once your item sells, you will receive a commission of 40-50% of the net sales price. If the net sales price of an item is less than $200, there will be a 40% payout. If the net sales price is over $200, there will be a 50% payout. Payments will occur monthly and at least 30 days after the transaction, to allow for returns. Our preferred payment methods are Venmo and Zelle, but we can issue a check if needed. Checks may take a bit longer and postage will be subtracted from payouts.
  • Elle and Beck may offer markdowns, sales and promotions as needed to manage the business.
  • We may list items on other platforms to increase their exposure to potential customers. These platforms charge a small fee with each sale. We pass on 40% of this fee to the consignor. This is called the final value fee.
  • Our consignment period is 180 days after the items is online, but this may been extended as we strive to build inventory. When you fill out our consignment form, you can choose to have your items returned to you or donated if they do not sell. If items do not sell after 1 year online, and you have not asked to have them returned, they become property of Elle & Beck to be donated.
  • We donate to Furniture Assist and if more than a few items are donated, you will be sent a receipt. Postage may be subtracted from payouts.

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